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March 25, 2015  Economic Slowdown in the First Quarter

March 25, 2015  "March Madness" Is Here Again

March 11, 2015  12-Month Hiring Spree Continues in February

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Fastest Growing Companies 2014: HireStrategy Inc.
The Washington Business Journal By Emily Mekinc
November 3, 2014
“HireStrategy Inc., a professional staffing firm based in Reston, ranked No. 44 on the list of 50 Fastest Growing Companies for 2014. CEO Paul Villella tells us how the firm has managed to make the list for three years.

Improved job growth in D.C. area may be sign of healing from sequester’s wounds
The Washington Post By Sarah Halzack
July 18, 2014
“Paul Villella, chief executive of Reston-based staffing firm HireStrategy, said he noticed a spike in job activity. “I don’t want to make it sound like [the job market] fantastic, but it’s so much better that it’s noticeable,” Villella said. Villella said he’s not only seeing increased hiring activity among his clients, he’s doing some hiring of his own. He has plans to add about 30 workers to his Reston office and 35 to 40 more in his Washington office.

Reston staffing firm HireStrategy acquired by Addison Group
The Washington Post By Sarah Halzack
April 21, 2014
“Paul Villella, HireStrategy’s founder and chief executive, will continue in his role, as will the rest of his senior leadership team. HireStrategy will retain its current name and brand. Villella said that the deal has been “in the works for quite some time.” Addison Group, Villella said,

D.C. area job market is gloomier in crucial government and contracting sectors
The Washington Post By Sarah Halzack
April 20, 2014
“The feds aren’t buying yet; the consequences of the sequester are continuing and accumulating.” Paul Villella, chief executive of Reston-based staffing firm HireStrategy, said he has noticed this inertia in the kinds of job openings that are coming on the market.

Forecasts for the D.C. area economy in 2014: Better, but not great
The Washington Post By Sarah Halzack
January 5, 2014
“Among his clients, Villella said he already has seen a bit of a jump in compensation for highly-skilled workers in the second half of 2013. “On average, I do think we’ll see that sort of wage pressure increase in 2014,” Villella said, as the competition for top talent further heats up.

Report offers fresh evidence of sequestration’s toll on D.C. area job market
The Washington Post By Sarah Halzack
October 21, 2013
“All of this uncertainty for the government, as well as the government contracting firms, is weighing heavily in the local market,” said Paul Villella, chief executive of Reston-based staffing firm HireStrategy.

With sequester in effect, recruiters notice varied impact on hiring strategies
The Washington Post By Sarah Halzack
March 17, 2013
More than two weeks after broad federal spending cuts took effect, local recruiting professionals are starting to see signs of uneasiness in the labor market, with firms tweaking their hiring strategies and some workers exploring backup employment plans.

Here are the fields where talent is in most demand in the Washington region
The Washington Post
February 24, 2012
The hiring market is far from sunny, but there are still jobs employers in the Washington area have a hard time filling. Paul Villella, chief executive of the staffing services firm HireStrategy, said a couple themes connect them.

Region's unemployment rate falls in November
The Washington Post
January 8, 2012
“There’s a growth in contract labor — there’s no doubt about that, and I suspect we’ll see more of that in 2012,” said Paul Villella, chief executive of HireStrategy, a Reston-based recruiting firm.

Washington, D.C., is Fertile Ground for Innovations
The Washington Post
May 23, 2011
Nicole Hardin, vice president of search for HireStrategy, a D.C.-area full-service placement firm, said, "With the government participating in modernization projects, the private sector continues to invest in technology to speed efficiencies and gain competitive advantage."

U.S. job loss report is blow to still-fragile recovery
The Washington Post
January 9, 2010
"What we're seeing is slow, incremental progress," said Paul Villella, chief executive of HireStrategy, an employment services firm in Reston.

Washingtonian Magazine Names HireStrategy a "Great Place to Work"
October 26, 2009
The Washingtonian magazine has named Reston-based staffing firm HireStrategy one of the "Great Places to Work" in the Washington area, the third time the company has won the award.

"HireStrategy CEO Says Worst of the Recession Is Over"
PR Newswire
August 17, 2009
HireStrategy CEO Paul Villella, told a radio audience that the worst of the recession is over, but he cautioned that the country is likely to experience a "challenging economic recovery." Villella appeared on “The Kojo Nnamdi Show,” a noon-time news and public affairs show on WAMU-AM, the National Public Radio affiliate in Washington.

"Drop in Unemployment Claims Indicate Market Stabilization"
The Washington Post
August 7, 2009
In a story that appeared in the Washington Post just hours before the Labor Department issued its encouraging reports on July's job losses and the unemployment rate, HireStrategy CEO Paul Villella noted that he has seen a slight improvement in attitudes by hiring managers in the Washington area. "Hiring isn't quite here yet, but they feel like it's coming," Villella told the Post.

"Diploma in Hand, Job Out of Reach"
The Washington Post
May 16, 2009
Seas of caps and gowns. Eagerly turned tassels. Crowds of proud families. And an economic recession that has many graduates from the area's universities still searching for a job, feeling anxious and vulnerable about the future.

"BearingPoint Staff Bands Together to Find New Jobs"
Washington Business Journal
April 24, 2009
While consulting firms Deloitte and PricewaterhouseCoopers snap up pieces of Bearing Point in bankruptcy court, some of the McLean company’s other assets — employees — are being left on the table.

"Job Hunting Strategies"
USA Today
February 9, 2009
Are you worried about losing your job? Have you recently been laid off and are looking for work? Paul Villella can help.

"U.S. Lost 598,000 Jobs in January"
Washington Business Journal
February 6, 2009
In the D.C. area, “things are challenging everywhere across all industries except in government and education, said Paul Villella, CEO of HireStrategy.

"It’s Raining Resumes"
Washington Business Journal
December 12, 2008
While employers in real estate, construction and finance shed jobs, industries still hiring are getting flooded with interest.

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