As we find ourselves reaching the end of January, many of us may have noticed resolutions taking hold within the office with more of our coworkers hitting the gym or packing healthier lunches.  We also may have considered our own – whether it be to spending more quality time with family, saving money, or focusing on health. However, personal goals aren’t the only ones employees are motivated to reach in 2017.

Despite the changes facing Americans this particular January, workers are more eager than ever to progress in their careers. A recent CareerBuilder study found that more than 1 in 5 employees plans to change jobs in 2017. For employees between the ages of 18 and 34 this number is even higher, at 35%. In addition to those looking to change jobs, the survey also highlighted a number of career goals set by employees looking to make changes within their current role. While a large number (49%) of those surveyed cited saving more of their paycheck as a goal, other goals consisted of: being less stressed, getting a raise or promotion, eating healthier at work, and learning something new (by taking a course, seminar, training, etc.)

There are a number of ways employees looking to change jobs or get a promotion can do so, from having an up-to-date resume to attending networking events and honing technical skills. That being said, CareerBuilder’s survey is also beneficial for employers. Taking into consideration what is important to employees and implementing initiatives such as health and wellness or learning and development programs is an excellent way to not only retain current employees, but also attract new talent.

While a new administration presents obvious changes, some of which are yet to be seen, the desire for employees to advance their careers remains. 2016 was characterized by a continued strengthening of the economy and a tight job market. If this year continues to follow a similar trajectory, those companies that are in tune with the needs of employees and jobseekers will best position themselves for both recruiting and retaining top talent.