HireStrategy has developed a comprehensive framework to manage and streamline the process of securing a candidate for a defined position:

Develop Strategy

We believe that without truly understanding your organization, we are not fully empowered to source the right candidate for the role. Our team will interview key members of your company to thoroughly understand the position, and also to understand your organization, your culture and your marketspace. Once completed, we can develop our game plan for finding the right candidates.

Source and Execute

With the strategy defined, the HireStrategy team then sources potential candidates from its database and extensive networks. We leave no stone unturned as we realize the best match may already have a job but may be open to change. Once a pool of candidates has been identified, we talk to each one and meet with a select group of finalists, narrowing the list to the best potential fits.

Nominate and Select

We then present the candidates to the client and run the process of scheduling interviews and gathering feedback from both the client and candidates. We become the key interface between the client and candidate all the way through to selection.

Close and Transition

Once the best candidate is selected for hire, we work to help close the person and participate in negotiations as needed. We also provide transition support as the candidate prepares for his or her new opportunity and we follow up after they start, to ensure a smooth on-boarding process.