HireStrategy has developed a comprehensive framework to describe how we assist candidates in advancing their careers and finding job fulfillment:

Identify & Interview

HireStrategy gets to know every one of the candidates it presents to potential employers. We are constantly looking for great people and once found, we conduct in-person interviews. Not just to assess skills and experience, but also to understand career goals and job search motivations. We believe that knowing our candidates is key to creating a successful match.

Evaluate & Research

Once we know our candidates, we leverage our extensive client relationships, networks and databases to research and evaluate potential opportunities. Many of these opportunities are exclusive to HireStrategy and not available through other means. We conduct searches on behalf of the candidate, while maintaining confidentiality, and narrow the field to the best matches within our client organizations.

Present & Coach

Once we find a potential opportunity, we present the candidate to the client. We don’t just share resumes – we provide a unique endorsement of why we feel the candidate is a fit for the position, and we also coach candidates for success in the evaluation process. This could include pertinent information about the employer, tips on conducting pre-interview research or even resume assistance. We want to give our candidates the best possible chance at securing the job.

Follow & Communicate

At HireStrategy, we believe that our relationship with a candidate is career-long. We don’t just walk away from the relationship when a candidate has landed the next opportunity. Instead, we keep in touch and invite all candidates to stay connected and participate in our HireStrategy community.