For clients looking to hire top talent, HireStrategy provides much more than a ‘resume’ service.

Each of our Practice Areas – Technology, Finance & Accounting, Sales & Marketing, Recruiting & HR and Administrative is staffed with recruiters who work with clients closely to develop a customized search strategy for filling their most critical positions. Our teams are staffed with industry experts who bring direct professional experience within the practices we serve, and who leverage their knowledge and experience to helping you solve your human capital challenges.

We view our job as not just to provide candidates, but to understand your organization’s culture, environment, and business goals and objectives – so we can recruit, evaluate, and ultimately provide you with talented professionals who are well positioned to help your organization succeed.

Diverse sourcing channels and extensive network

Even in today’s challenging times, finding and attracting top tier talent within a reasonable time frame can prove to be difficult and competitive. The best candidate for your job may be gainfully employed and not actively be monitoring the market or seeking to make a move. HireStrategy’s diverse sourcing channels can help you uncover ‘passive’ candidates that are hard to locate through traditional search means, such as web site postings and job board announcements.

Market visibility for clients

Our goal is not just to understand your open positions, but also to get to know your company, so we can successfully market and promote your organization to potential candidates. This helps to secure their interest in your opening, and also to ‘position’ your company competitively against other options that your ideal candidate may be considering.

Relationships with candidates

Key to a successful job search and one of our primary differentiators is our ability to develop a true relationship with the candidate or job seeker. A candidate’s trust in and perceived credibility of his or her recruiter is essential to gaining the candidate’s interest in your job, and in managing the candidate’s participation in your interview and evaluation cycle.

Strong brand reputation

HireStrategy’s strong brand recognition in the local market enables us to maintain a position of influence with potential candidates – which gives you a strong competitive edge in attracting and securing your ideal candidate.

Exceptional customer service

We strive to differentiate ourselves through a high level of customer service throughout the search process. HireStrategy clients consistently remark on our fast turnaround time, responsiveness, ability to understand difficult-to-fill positions, and above all, our delivery of high quality candidates for critical positions.

In a highly segmented recruiting industry, HireStrategy offers a unique and comprehensive search solution for all of your staffing and recruiting needs – including contract placements, direct hire, and executive search for a wide array of positions across your organization. In all of our Practice Areas (Technology, Sales, Finance & Accounting, Recruiting & HR and Administrative) we can provide candidates on both a contract or direct hire basis. In addition, we have the ability to provide these resources all levels of the organization – from staff level through Executive Search.

We employ a comprehensive, four-step process to find the best candidate for your opening and to streamline the hiring process.

Proven Methodology

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